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The PhotoIreland 2011 festival kicks off tomorrow and there’s a whole host of photographic events and exhibitions happening around Dublin over the coming weeks. I missed all of last year’s inaugural festival, due to being away on holidays, but thankfully they have extended this year’s one to the entire month of July so I’ll be able to catch most of it this time. I have been browsing through the programme and found many things that look like they are worth catching. (more…)


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The week before last should have been a big week in the life of this project as I had arranged to photograph both Cheap Trick and Nick Cave (in Grinderman mode). I’m a long-time fan of both so I was pretty excited. Even better, the Cheap Trick gig was in the Olympia, a venue that had up to now failed to succumb to my photographic advances. Unfortunately they both fell through at the last minute – sometimes people just say no – so I had to content myself with just going along to the gigs. Actually the last week has been something of a gig-going binge for me. As well as the above I also managed to catch Estel, Mike Watt, Retarded Cop and Thread Pulls (supporting Grinderman). (more…)

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Meat Puppets playing in the Button Factory

I have moaned at length on this blog on more than one occasion about the problems I have with stage lights at gigs; specifically ones that are pointing out at the crowd, and hence right into my camera. These things play havok with long exposures and I’ve missed out on getting photographs of many bands over the last year because of this. I had thought of talking to the lighting engineers about it, to try and get them to tone it down, but I was reluctant to do so mostly because I don’t like the idea of trying to tell them how they should be doing their jobs. I also felt that doing this might change the nature of these pictures in a subtle but still significant way – I wouldn’t be simply capturing what happens anymore, I would be to some extent directly influencing what happens, and therefore veering somewhat into the realms of constructed photographs. (more…)

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