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No time to actually write something about this so I’m just going to throw the photograph up here. This was taken at a Fringe Festival production, When Irish Hearts Are Praying, written by Aoife Crehan. I took photographs at the dress rehearsal for the show, which clearly is the way to go with theatre in future. This is a photograph of one of the acts of the play, and it is an exposure of about 10 minutes or so. I am really interested in doing more theatre stuff in the future, so anyone reading this with good contacts for me …. hook me up!


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Next weekend a very strange event is taking place in Dublin. The world’s third Black Metal Theory Symposium will happen in the Pint Bar on Eden Quay, during the afternoon of Sunday 20th of November. There is going to be a series of talks with titles like On the Mystical Love of Black MetalFolding a Cadaverous Scream: The Disharmonious Flesh of Recombinant Horror, and “The Hopeless Soul Keeps Mating”: Notes on Black Metal and Contemporary Fiction. Scanning through the abstracts you will find references to thinkers like Deleuze, Kant and Bataille, and to concepts like speculative realism, queer theology, and medieval mystical discourse. After this series of talks, which include breaks for “refreshments”, there will be performances from Eternal Helcaraxe and Wound Upon Wound. Seriously, I can’t think of a better way of spending a Sunday afternoon and evening. (more…)

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