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The other day I was reading Maurice Merleau-Ponty’s 1961 essay on phenomenology, Eye And Mind (I’ve recently started doing an MA in Art In The Contemporary World at NCAD so you can probably expect more of this kind of thing in the future – those of you who just want to know who the band is are free to skip right to the end). There’s a section in it where he talks about the representation of time and movement within both painting and photography. He argues that artists such as Cezanne and Matisse provide more faithful renditions of our actual perceptual experience of being in the world than those provided by objective scientific accounts and the Cartesian perspective-based art inspired by them. At one point, he discusses photography, and argues that it also falls short of capturing our real experience of the world because it cannot capture movement in the way that a painter can, shackled as it is to capturing frozen, instantaneous snapshots. Painting, on the other hand …. (more…)


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