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Last month I got to do something pretty exciting. I’ve been going to the All Tomorrow’s Parties (ATP) festivals in the UK on and off for years now. For those of you who are unfamiliar this is the basic deal. ATP take over the Butlins holiday camp at Minehead, near Bristol, for a weekend (they used to run them in the less salubrious Camber Sands). They invite someone (usually a musician, a band) to ‘curate’ a music festival there for the weekend. They then invite all sorts of other artists who they like, were influenced by, or regularly go drinking with, to come and play also. As a punter, you stay in one of the chalets on site, which beats the hell out of some smelly tent, though invariably the chalet ends up just as smelly as a tent by the end of the weekend – but at least you’re dry. (more…)


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