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Anyone who has been to a Dan Deacon gig will have a rough idea of what is going on in this photograph but anyone else might require some explanation. Dan Deacon is an electronic musician and composer from Baltimore who is well known for his unique live shows (that’s Baltimore in the US by the way, not the Baltimore on the south coast of Ireland that was sacked by Algerian pirates in 1631). Typically he sets up his equipment on the floor and then orchestrates various forms of audience participation throughout the gig. A common one is the human tunnel, which starts with a pair of punters holding hands above their heads and forming an arch. Two more audience members go under the arch and links hands on the other side. Two more go through, extending the tunnel further, and so on and so on. Sometimes the tunnel goes right out the door of the venue, down the street and then back in again. Does that make sense? No? Then look at the video below which shows it happening the last time he played Dublin. (more…)


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