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This is Retarded Cop playing in the Button Factory last week. Retarded Cop is the brainchild of the irrepressible Gaz Le Rock, who is also the singer in long-running Dublin punk band, Moutpiece. After years of living it large, Gaz recently cleaned up his act and threw himself into writing, recording and releasing songs, under the name Retarded Cop. Usually accompanied by hilarious home-made videos, these songs appeared with alarming frequency, a non-stop barrage of pop punk classics such as Tea’N’Fags, Copvan and Charlie Sheen. The great thing about Gaz’s songs is that he is clearly writing about his life, but it’s done in a humorous and self-deprecating way that leaves plenty of room for (mis)interpretation. I don’t know if he really had sex in the jacks at Popicalia, but who cares when it makes such a great line for the chorus of that song? (more…)


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