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song exposure [sawng ek-spoh-zher]: a photograph created by opening the shutter at the start of a song and closing it at the end

A friend of mine recently suggested that I use the term song exposure to refer to these photographs. At first I wasn’t sure about this, but the more I thought about it, the more I began to like it. It encapsulates pretty neatly what the basic concept is – in that these are in a sense photographs of songs, given that the shutter is opened at the start of the song and closed at the end. It also makes reference to the idea of the long exposure, which all these photographs also are. (more…)

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Thread Pulls playing in Whelans
Here’s another photo. It is Thread Pulls playing in Whelans soon after Christmas – hence the unusual festive decoration on the back wall. As usual, this photo was made by opening the shutter at the start of the song and closing it at the end. I don’t have anything more to add to that, other than have a listen to them by clicking the SoundCloud link below. It’s good stuff.

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Great Lakes Mystery playing in Whelans

I spent two nights in Whelans last week taking photographs at their Ones To Watch 2011 festival. I took shots of a whole bunch of acts including Hunter-Gatherer, Thread Pulls, Cloud Castle Lake, Grand Pocket Orchestra and Miracle Bell. These will no doubt pop up on this blog soon enough but for now, the one above is of Great Lakes Mystery. This is a solo project by Gareth Averill, who has drummed with a whole bunch of bands. The blur in the middle is apparently actor Brendan Gleeson’s son (another one), who also plays guitar in the excellent Hired Hands. Here’s a track from Great Lakes Mystery.

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