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Sometime back in the early 90’s I was part of an email music discussion group called chugchanga. This was before way before blogs were around and also a good bit before discussion boards took off. Lots of well-informed and well-connected types used this list (for example Steve Albini would often pitch in) and it was a great way of finding out about new music that wasn’t necessarily being covered anywhere else. There was an Irish guy, who lived in Holland at the time (I’ve forgotten his name), who regularly contributed lengthy analyses of obscure and fascinating-sounding bands he had unearthed. One of these was Fushitsusha: a Japanese psych-rock trio who were led by an enigmatic character called Keiji Haino. They sounded like an incredible proposition. Not really a rock band in any conventional sense, they mixed together free improvisation with scorchingly heavy guitar noise to create something else, something that was, allegedly at least, beyond rock music. (more…)


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I am very excited to be able to announce that an exhibition of photographs featured on this blog will be taking place in Dublin in April 2011. It’s happening in the Fumbally Exchange, which is off Clanbrassil Street in Dublin 8, and runs for one week from Thursday 14th to Thursday the 21st. The excellent poster on the right was designed by Anthony Mackey. Exhibition details as follows:

Opening Reception

Thursday 14th April: 6-8 pm

Opening Hours

Friday 15th April: 11AM – 5PM

Monday 18th April: 11AM – 5PM

Tuesday 19th April: 11AM – 5PM

Wednesday 20th April: 11AM – 5PM

Thursday 21st April: 11AM – 5PM

Official press release is here

Directions to the Fumbally Exchange are below.

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What’s number one on every one of those cheesy “How To Take Better Photographs” lists? Yes, it’s don’t take pictures into the sun. In fact, avoid the sun altogether. Go out in early morning or late afternoon and spend the bit in between eating, drinking or sleeping. The Spanish have it right. The reason for this is that light shining directly into the lens of a camera will cause lens flare. You would think this sort of thing isn’t an issue when taking photographs in indoor places at night but weirdly enough it is. (more…)

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One of the things that interests me about long-exposure photography is that it facilitates a different way of seeing. It compresses a stretch of time into a single visual and, in doing so, uncovers patterns and movements that we do not normally experience. Conventional photography employs shutter speeds that are designed to roughly correspond to our normal view of the world. The camera’s job is to freeze a discrete instantaneous visual moment and allow us to peruse it at leisure. If a photographer inadvertently uses a shutter speed that is too long to properly freeze the moment in front of the lens, the blurred result is more often than not regarded as incorrect, a mistake. But surely it can be more interesting to try and use a camera to uncover things our visual system does not show us, rather than to simply replicate the things that it does? (more…)

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This is bouncy sing-along US pop-punk types The Get Up Kids playing in The Village back in June. I shot a few gigs in The Village back at the beginning of this project but was never happy with the results. It wasn’t possible to get the crowd into the shot, and instead the composition would be dominated by the two giant speaker stacks on either side of the stage and the large empty space above the performer’s heads. This time though I brought along a different lens, one with a longer focal length. This meant I could get in tight on the band and exclude more or less everything else, and it made the world of difference. (more…)

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