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I am very excited to be able to announce that an exhibition of photographs featured on this blog will be taking place in Dublin in April 2011. It’s happening in the Fumbally Exchange, which is off Clanbrassil Street in Dublin 8, and runs for one week from Thursday 14th to Thursday the 21st. The excellent poster on the right was designed by Anthony Mackey. Exhibition details as follows:

Opening Reception

Thursday 14th April: 6-8 pm

Opening Hours

Friday 15th April: 11AM – 5PM

Monday 18th April: 11AM – 5PM

Tuesday 19th April: 11AM – 5PM

Wednesday 20th April: 11AM – 5PM

Thursday 21st April: 11AM – 5PM

Official press release is here

Directions to the Fumbally Exchange are below.


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This is The Flaws opening up for The Walkmen at Tripod in Dublin a few nights ago. The very first picture I took in this series was also done in Tripod, way back in March of this year. I remember scrambling around in the dark on the balcony, frantically trying to assemble the 4×5 camera I had just bought, and thinking that this long exposure gig photography idea was never going to work. It’s taken me until now to get back into Tripod as it’s a rare night when the balcony is not in use. (more…)

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I’m going to start doing something different with this blog. I started it as a way of publishing short writings on photography theory texts that I had to do as part of this course, but from now on I am going to use it as a way of documenting and developing an ongoing photography project I am working on. The project is called Stages and the basic concept is pretty simple – long exposure photographs taken from balconies at gigs. By long exposures I mean exposures of the order of minutes – anything from 3 minutes upwards to 15 or 20. Generally I try and make each exposure the length of a song in order to try and answer these sorts of questions: Is it possible to take a photograph of song? If so, what would it look like? (more…)

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